Friday, October 14, 2011

Mail A Bible Mini Album

Hi Everybody!

So the following blog was done quite some time ago (May I think) but because of the major computer issues I have had over the last couple of months, I was unable to upload this video.  I have been wanting to share this project with you all for some time now.  I took photos of the album and have posted them for you all to see.  So let me know what you think.  I really do love reading all of your feedback!

...What a wonderful Wednesday it is!  The Sun shining bright, - no rain - 70 degree weather, - no rain - I finished a project I was working on, - No Rain - The computer is acting right today and oh I almost forgot to mention - NO RAIN!!!!!!  Whooo Hoooo!!!!  :D  "Do a little dance; get down tonight (bomp bomp) get down tonight"

Today was the first day without cloudy skies and/or rain.  I am loving today.  So, I wanted to share my latest project of a mini that I finished for a friend.  For this mini I used vellum envelopes hubby and I received in the mail as a result of donating to "The Voice of the Martyrs".  They are a group that shares the Gospel message and provides Bibles to those in need in various parts of the world like Chine, Indonesia, Egypt, Cuba, etc.

Here are a few pictures from of the mini:
Mail A Bible Mini front

I hand rolled the peach flower and embellished the center with a flat back rhinestone.  Then I added three white roses to represent the Trinity.
Mail A Bible Mini

This is what is inside the first envelope.  It is a brochure made from stamps around the world.  
Mail A Bible Mini

Then you open the brochure; this is what the inside of the first brochure looks like.  Each brochure has photo mats, the card shown below for journaling and a pocket with extra tags for photos, notes, etc.
Mail A Bible Mini

The back of the first envelope and the front of the second.
Mail A Bible Mini

Back of the second and front of the third.
Mail A Bible Mini

Back of the third and front of the fourth.
Mail A Bible Mini

I really wish the video would upload.  If I can get it working I will upload for you all to see.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  I am so grateful for it!!!

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...Here's to a new day...

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