Friday, February 27, 2015

SOC: Love Bugs Card

Hi Everybody,

Over the years I have learned that I suffer from what I call PPS-Project Perfection Syndrome.  You know where everything that I make has to be just perfect; the exact way I envisioned it or it's not good.

Well today I am sharing this project with hopes that it will inspire you.  I know V-day has come and gone but I really felt the need to share it with you all.  I had a hard time this year finding just a few moments to create a card for my Hubs from our daughter and one from me. It wasn't until early that morning while the two were asleep that I was able to take 30 minutes and create cards for him.  

I use 2 different Studio G stamp sets and created two cards with them. Neither one is perfect but it just works somehow.

From our daughter: I started to do just a simple card with just the bugs and the sentiment, but after I colored then in with my copies the card still needed something. So I took a heart stamp and stamped in the corners. I started to do all four but thought two was enough and didn't want to turn the hearts upside down. So i thought  I would draw a border using my copies and that when the mess was made. THe lines are crooked and uneven but the idea of this coming from a 7mo old, somehow it works.

From me: I had these great elaborate plans to use this stamp, mask it off, emboss some of the hearts in red and stamp one rest in grey. Nothing went right, lol.  The only thing that was right was the sketch I used for the card.

I started not to give the cards to hubs but changed my mind. These cards reflect the last 7 months with our daughter and the last 7yrs of marriage. We have made mistakes and there have been challenges but through it all we overcame with love. Actually hubs said these were his favorite v-day cards.

So the moral of the story is just because things don't work out Perfectly doesn't mean that it's not perfect. And take a look in your stash and see what you can do with 30 min. The sets that I used I have had for years and never used them. But I am really pleased with how they came out.



Friday, February 13, 2015

Needed Prayer on a new venture.

Hi Everybody,

This is gonna be a different post for me. Today I am gonna ask for your prayers.  Some of you may know that I started to launch a Digital stamp business, Passion Stamps, some time ago.  Well, Life did get in the way and I am not using that as an excuse; I am in the process of relaunching.

I took some time and prayed for direction with this venture and insight and ideas as to what to do and how to go forward.  Well I have received direction and I am continuously in prayer about it but this brings me to my title of this blog.  I am asking for your prayers for direction, grace, wisdom, and whatever else is laid on your heart as I move forward.  This is a huge undertaking and with a 7mo old and being a new name a new set of challenges to face.

I am realizing that I want to show my daughter that she can do what she sets her mind to and to push forward in your dreams. I want her to see her Mom doing what she loves to do and to strive for that in her own life.  I want her to think outside the box and not conform to ideas of the world.  AND more importantly,  I want to show her how to use her gifts and talents to be a blessing to others as well.

So Passion Stamps is being redesigned with a new name and a new focus.  As time goes on and I finish cleaning up the images I have thus far and get to launch which I will share more with you on how we plan on giving back.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the stamps, in lite of V-day, I am working on cleaning up.

I have many more in the works and a lot of work ahead of me but it will all be worth it. 

There is a link on the right side of the page that will show you some of the stamps that are available through PassionStamps on Etsy.

Thank you all so much for your love and continued support. You have all blessed me so much!!

Lots of Love,


Friday, February 6, 2015

Have Fun at Work Day cont.

Hi Everyone,

So It occurred to me that I did not mention the artists of the digital images I showed in my last post.  I colored several different artist and I will post the links to where you can find the digital images below.  Some of the images were freebies by the artist that they offered as a special giveaway.  So I will at least post to the Facebook Page or to a site where you can follow them.

So Here is Pic 1:

~ Charlotte - In the upper left corner there is a pic of a young girl with a kitty walking around behind her.  This "Charlotte" image is by Milk Coffee Stamps. She is so darling I fell in love with her when I first saw her.  Here is the link to the Milk Coffee Blog where you can find Charlotte. The other image by Milk Coffee is the little girl curtsying.


~ Huggy Koala - Underneath Charlotte is a Koala Bear by MelJen's (Melissa Jenkins) Designs.  She had a giveaway some time ago through FB and she offered this bear for a very short time and that is how I was able to grab it but it is sooo cute and worth the $3.00 to purchase it. Especially after you hear how she hand draws each image and the process she goes through to turn them image digital works of art for us. And here is the link to the MelJen Facebook Page.  Here is the link to the MelJen shop to purchase the Koala.

Huggy Koala

~ Cupid Bear - Is by Digi With It. Sadly I haven't been able to find the link to this bear, cause he is so cute.

~ Kitty with Flower, Girls on Bicycle, 3 Kittens, Kitty with Hearts - Under the Cupid Bear are several images all from the same artist, Sliekje.  She draws all her images and are free on her Sliekje Blog. She has well over 240 images that I am sure you will find something you like.

Just Having Fun (Kitty with Flower)
Girls on Bicycle
3 Kittens
Kitty with Hearts

Pic 1

Pic 3

~ Angels (Male & Female) and Baby Girl - There is something that just attracts me to these images. These digis are by MelonHeadz.  You can find here images on her blog by clicking on the freebie links on the right side of the page.  Now I must warn you that some of her images are no longer available to download (Such is the case with the Baby Girl in Pic 3) but she offers freebies from time to time and you'll want to be on the lookout for those posts as well as the new images she releases in her store.  The story and inspiration behind some of the images is heartwarming as is in the case of these two angels.

Colum (Male Angel)
Caylee (Female Angel)

So there you have everyone. I really hopes this encourages you to color and maybe even introduces you to some new artist's work.

Talk to you later,