Monday, February 6, 2012

My 25 Days of Christmas Challenge! Day 24

Welcome everyone,

So today is a project that I started on my Day 5 project and needed your help finishing the card.  The advice I got from Sandy O of Paper Transformer was a great idea.  She suggested " Hmmm...I think this is really pretty as is. The only thing I would add is some shine or sparkle to the bulbs on the tree. Mybe your pretty gold pen you used on your other card would look pretty on the garland and around the edges of the die cut. But it REALLY is pretty as is."   Here is the final card.

I added red DecoArt Twinkles to the balls on the tree and the bows on the presents.  Then brought out the garland with a gold glitter gel pen.  I also decided to re-ink the edge in green to take away some of the white.

On the inside I added four red snowflakes for some more color.

I used the iridescent DecoArt Twinkles again, like I did for the snow, for the present on the left.  I LOVE the sparkle on this card!!  Thank you Sandy for great suggestions!

Just one more project to go everyone.  I am excited! Thanks for stopping by today and I will see in the next blog!


1 comment:

Sandy O said...

The finished card looks so pretty! I am honored that you used my suggestion.

I have never heard of DecoArt Tinkles. They are so wonderful on your card, I just have to google them :o)