Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Project: Bushels of Love Apple Mini Album

Hi Everybody,

September marks a couple of fun days for me. First there is the 8 which is my anniversary. We are celebrating 7 yrs. The 17 is National Apple Dumpling Day, and the 26 Johnny Appleseed Day.  Then, 

With autumn approaching I find myself thinking about apples. Apple picking, apple cider, baking apple pies; all these things remind me of the wonderful memories with my loved ones. And sadly, I realize, I have no pictures of my loved ones at work, a crime I know. But I a great way to show them off, especially since we have a wonderful little bushel of Love to add to the family, was to create a little mini for their photos. Something small enough to stand on my desk but big enough to show their faces. So using the Sliced Apple file by Miss Kate Cuttables, I made an accordion style mini. This is such a cute mini, just big enough to keep the apples of my eye close to me. 

I cut the apple base (brown cardstock) out three times and the apple (red and cream cardstock) out six times for the front and back of the apple.
Then I cut two hinges at 2.5x1”, folded in half and adhered them to the base apple. The hinge corners did stick out so I cut them along the curve of the apple.
Lastly I inked the edges of all the cardstock and glued everything together.

And there you have it. A quick mini that is worthy to stand on my desk at work. Oh, and the apples really do stand up on their own. I kept my mini really simple but you could make your bunch of apples as colorful and elaborate as you like. 

Now I have just one question to ask you all, does anyone have any great Apple Dumpling recipes? All these apples have got me feeling hungry.


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