Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 25 Days of Christmas Challenge! Day 13

Hi Eveyone!!

Today's project is a big one and I look forward to it each year!  the decorating of the Christmas tree!!  Each year a color scheme is chosen and all the decorations that have those colors are used.  This year the color scheme is Red & White.  The colors used represent the blood and the purity of Christ.  Hubs saw snowflakes everywhere we went this year and he wanted to incorporate snowflakes into the theme; how could I say no to him. So here is our tree for Christmas Tree for 2011...

This tree cost a total of $20 to decorate.  Since we moved a lot of our belongings are still in storage, this includes our Christmas decorations.  So we had to start from scratch.  We found the lights and the crocheted angel at a thrift store and all the ornaments, candy canes, garland and flowers came from the Dollar Tree.  I have been placing cards in my tree for years.  It is a tradition that I have begun since the first tree that I purchased on my own.  I placed the cards in the tree because I didn't have a mantel to put the on and the tradition was born.  It is going to be sad taking the tree down, as it is every year, we take it down the day after New Years, but I really like this tree.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in the next project!

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