Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 25 Days of Christmas Challenge! Day 17

Hi Everybody!

Today's project is a special treat that I love and my husband is quite fond of.  I just made it and he has already asked that I make more.  :D  What is this special treat you may ask?  Well...Peppermint Bark!  This treat is super simple to make!!

What you'll need to make Peppermint Bark...
~1 bag of Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate or both
~Crushed Candy Canes
~Peppermint Oil (optional)
~Cookie Sheet (I think the aluminum ones work best)
~Knife or cooking mallet

First step is to melt the chocolate.  I love the combination of white and milk chocolate together however you can use one or the other if you prefer.  The steps are still the same.

To melt the chocolate, place a pot on a low heat setting and pour in some of the chocolate.  The trick is to let the chocolate melt slowly so it doesn't burn.  Then you will want to stir the chocolate so all the pieces heat up and melt.  (I melt the milk chocolate first but I forgot to take the picture - ha ha).

Once the chocolate is melted and smooth pour the rest of the chocolate in and stir until the rest is smooth.  At this point you may want to add a few drops of peppermint oil to the melted chocolate.  Not too much, peppermint oil can be strong.

 I usually place the milk chocolate down first in a cookie sheet and spread it out.  Then place it in the freezer for just 2 or 3 minutes.  Just enough time to cool the chocolate down a bit but not long enough to make it completely solid.  I like to sprinkle some crushed candy canes on the chocolate at this point.

Then take it out the freezer and pour the white chocolate on top and spread out over the milk chocolate.

Cover the white chocolate with the remaining crushed candy canes.

And, with a spatula, press the crushed candy canes into the chocolate.  Then place the whole thing back in the freezer to completely harden.

Now that it is completely hard, with a knife, mallet, or some kind of breaking device, break the bark into smaller pieces. 

And then lastly - and in my opinion the best part - ENJOY!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this a try.  It is a great treat for after Christmas too because you can use up all those left over candy canes.  : )


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Nita said...

Oh YUM! This is one of my favorite Christmas treats too! My Mom used to make almond bark, but since my son had a nut allergy, we switched to other "fillings". I even made it once with orea cookies sprinkled on the chocolate - I'm not even going to get into how addicting THAT was! :)

Thanks for sharing!