Friday, April 1, 2011


Salutations Everyone!


Finally, it's here!  My Scotch ATG 700 adhesive gun of course.  After searching for over a year; scouring the Internet and price checking loads of stores, waiting for prices to drop, I finally found the gun that I had been dreaming about.  Literally dreaming about.  I have created so many projects with this gun in my head.  I even watched YouTube videos on how to use it so that when I actually got the gun I would know how to use it.  I felt just like a kid waiting for that special Christmas gift.

There are so many great ATG guns out there that I could've gotten ranging in price from $5 - $25 but I chose the ATG 700 instead.  Yes, it is priced higher than the others but it has one feature that the others do not.  With a small adapter, this gun can be used with 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" adhesive.  The other guns allow for 1/4" adhesive alone or 1/2" and 3/4" adhesive combined.  None of the others, that I have seen, can do all 3 except this one.  

This particular gun retails at about $50, give or take a little depending on where you buy.  But I am true comparative shopper and I have to search for the best price on any major purchase before I buy.  Call me thrifty, frugal, cheap - whatever.  All I know is that I have gotten some really great deals and super finds that way.  And I save money; whose not about saving money.  And my husband knows that I will find the best deal before I purchase which makes him feel a lot better. He knows I am not going to just buy anything.

I found this gun, believe it or not, on eBay.  Now if you are not familiar with eBay I will tell you that it is an auction site.  Things go up on eBay and people bid on them.  But there are items that you can purchase on there instantaneously.  You can do this on items that have a "Buy It Now" option.  This beautiful gun had that option.  The listing was for just the gun at $25 - well $24.95 + $5 for shipping.  So I bought this gun for under $30.  I found the adhesive on eBay too.  Three rolls of tape for $11.49 + free shipping.  That is a fabulous find.

There are lots of great deals like this on eBay. You just have to watch and be patient.  If the deal that you are looking for is not there, wait a few days and check back again later, it will show up.

I have a few mini album tutorials that I am working on, I am anxious to show you, and the digital paper is just about ready to be released.  Sooo, I will chat with you soon.  Until then everybody!!  :D

Favorite Favors

"Talent means nothing without persistence and perseverance."   ~Italo Fortier


Tristan's Time 4 Craftin' said...

I am glad you got yours ATG Gun

see ya

Favorite Favors said...

Aww, thank you Tristan! That means a lot :D