Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Little Life Update

Hi Everyone,

I first have to thank you all for sticking around and remaining as followers on my blog.  It has been 4 months and some change since I last posted anything.  I have found (as many of you already know) that being a Mom to a now 20 month old is not easy!!! Since I work a full time job from 5:30am - 2pm and then when I get home at 2:15pm I instantly shift into Mommy/Wife mode. Doing laundry, running errands (hubs doesn't drive since he is legally blind), etc, etc, etc.  Anywho, I find that there is little time to create in the evening unless I stay up late and don't sleep.

And then in September '15 we found out that we/I am pregnant with our second child.  Another little girl we will welcome into our family in June!!!!  I am so....... I can't even find the word to express the joy I have.  After waiting for almost 8 years to get pregnant (after being told that we wouldn't have one without medical assistance) with our first we are now going to have a second child, naturally! God is indeed Good!!!

Needless to say I have little time and its getting shorter.

But I have found a solution.

I wake up about 4-4:20 each morning for work and I find that on the weekend I wake up about the same time and have a few hours to myself before the family wakes up.  So I have been creating just haven posted.  So I will show you what I have been making and hopefully it will inspire you.

I sincerely want to thank you all for sticking with me.  It means a huge deal to me!!

Love you all from the bottom to the top of my heart!!


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Krafthead said...

I am truly happy for what God is doing for your family! He is simply amazing!