Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Germany 1 Sheet Mini Album

Hi Everyone,

So I apparent have been chosen to scrap every picture that a friend of Hubs and I, has.  And trust me, it is a lot!!  His now ex-wife and sons take a trip to Germany each year to visit her parents so the photos in this album are of those trips to Germany when the boys were young.  Well mainly just of him and his son.  Anywho, what is great about this type of album is that it can expand just by changing the jump ring size.  In one constructed page pictures from future trips can be added; maybe one page will represent that year's pics.  Click on the the link to see how to construct the One Sheet Mini Album.

**WARNING** This post contains an extreme amount of photos.  So many that I did not include them all.

The cover

Front flap page 1

Lifting flap of page

Tag 1

Back of page 1 (left) and page 2 (right) plus tag

Lifting flap on the back of page 1

Lifting flap on front of page 2

Back of page 2

Lifting flap on back of page 2

Front of page 3

Lifting front flap on page 3

Front of page 4

Lift flap of the front of page 4

Tag from page 4
Back of the album

Masculine albums can be super simple to make or super difficult.  I had a lot of input on this album from Hubs on how to keep it manly.  In this album, color became my embellishment.  Our friend that received this album really liked it.  So much so that when he showed his brother, his brother got jealous and asked for one of his own.  MEN!  :D

Well, guys that wraps this edition up.  I am still working on the 8x8 album and will hopefully have some new pages to share soon.

Thanks for stopping by and we will all fellowship again soon.  Later!!



Krafthead said...

Girl you are knocking these projects out! I am happy to see you are creating :) Talk to you later sis, Kenya~

Netta said...

great mini album, awesome details, my good friend Kenya sent me here, and she is right , you have some amazing projects to share