Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bath Time Fun, Masculine 8x8 Album part 1

Hi Everyone,

I pray everyone is doing well.  I wanted to share a project that is ongoing.  A friend of Hubs and I has a  plethora of photos that are just lying around and need to be organized and preserved.  So this is part one of the album.  As I scrap the photos I will post them for all to share in.

So here is the album and the first 5 pages.  I made the album from the chip board from the loosefeaf tablet.  The ones that look like the yellow legal pads.  Anywho, I asked hubs if this the material was too feminine and he said no suit is "Hubs Approved".  This was great for me since I have plenty of it and the recipients favorite colors are brown, blue and ivory.

There is a thick layer of batting under the fabric to make it nice and plush.  I added this Coverall/Overall fastener as the closure for the album and some ivory elastic.

And here are the photos that have been scrapped so far for the album.  I found I had the hardest time with the first picture and now looking at it I can see so much more that I can do with it so I am gonna go back and revamp the first one and add some more embellishment to the last two.

I find Masculine genre so difficult to do but I think I am starting to get into the zone for it.

So here it is, the project so far.  I have lots more to do so stayed tuned.

I will see you all in the next one and thanks for stopping by.   Later!!



Krafthead said...

Awe!! I am excited to see more! You doing your thang ;)!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

How precious!