Friday, September 21, 2012

Silk Flower hair bows

Hi Everybody,

Yes I know it has been quit a long time but life has just been quite busy.  Not that this should be an excuse.  work for me starts at 6:30 am and I still trying to adjust to the new schedule.  I have been working on getting my camera and the computer to place nice with each other so that I can upload the videos that I have created of new projects to share with you all.  I have been going forth, stepping out on faith and doing what God has instructed me to do.  A bit out of my comfort zone but I know it's what he wants of me.

That being said, I am sharing this project with you all.  Ministering to people in song is what the Lord has asked of me and when I do I give it my all.  I tend to get hot when I sing as most do and so my straight hair tends to become an afro after about 15 min.  So solve this I wanted to find a cute way style my hair and stay afro-less (much love to the fro's).

So my hair piece is nothing new but new to me since I made it myself and I am proud of it.
Here it is...
This purple flowers I sprayed Lindy's Stamp Gang - Scintillating Silver spray once I hot glued all the flowers together.  I found the purple flowers and berries at Dollar Tree.  The cream flowers are from the thrift store.

The Mum and Poppy flowers are also from Dollar Tree.  Though hard to see, the Dogwood blossom is from the local thrift store.

I picked up stretch bands from, where else - Dollar Tree, glued the flowers to a piece of felt and then attached the stretch band to it.  I whipped these up in a matter of 20 minutes, literally!  No I have to make more in every color within my wardrobe.

Okay everybody, that is all for today.  I will really work on the camera thing and get those videos uploaded for you.  Thanks for stopping in and I will see you all next time.



Krafthead said...

OOOOO so pretty sis!

Sandy O said...

Oh how wonderful you can serve the Lord through music. It is what really makes my heart soft to "hearing" His message. I was not called to serve this way as anyone who sits next to me while I sing would attest, lol (though I would have loved to have been called to do so)

I love your bows! So beautiful. You did such a great job, I would never have guessed that you have never made them before.

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW they look so lovely