Sunday, July 8, 2012

30 Fabulous Followers!!! Giveaway Time : Winner(s)

Hi Everyone,

I pray that you all enjoyed your weekend!  I have had a fantastic time shopping, enjoying the sunshine, shopping, crafting, shopping, spending time with family and friends in the pool, and oh, did I say shopping?!

Yes I was in and out of crafts stores and boy did I have a ball.  I did a lot of shopping but it was all so worth it and I hope that the winners, yes I said winners with an 'S' feel the same way.

So my 30 Fabulous Followers!!! Giveaway Time has ended and I feel bad for those who didn't enter but, it allowed those who did enter to win.  Since I only had three comments for the giveaway, I decided that all three would win a prize!!!!  And just as I said in my blog announcing the giveaway about all the goodies, "...Off the top of my head I am thinking laces, trims, paper packs, stamps, pearls and blings...I wonder what else I can put in there.",  BOY ARE THERE GOODIES!!!!!  So a humongous Thank You and Congratulations are in order to these fabulous ladies:  
Krafthead said...
Woooohoooo! Sis congrats! So happy for you :)
Cathy said... are on your way!! I would love to be entered!
Dr Sonia S V said...
Oh what a wonderful generous way to celebrate...your old follower and happy to enter the giveaway [that is if you ship to India as well!]
Cheers from Bangalore, India
And yes, Dr. Sonia, for you I will ship to India.  Ladies can you please email me your address,, and I will ship out your prizes.  OH!! You probably want to see what the goodies are right?  Silly me.  Ladies, I will send one these three bundles to you (I might add some more things before I send them out as a surprise-we'll see): 

Bundle #1

 Lace, 6x6 chipboard:
 Buttons, Stamps, Sage green pearl beads, Vellum quotes:
 Acrylic butterflies, Lace doilies, Paula Deen paper pack:
 Pearls, Stamps Ink, Rik-rak trim, Pink lace ribbon/trim, Flatback ivory pearls:
 Coordinating paper pack tags, New Vintage-like buttons, and Paper Mist-able Butterflies:

Bundle #2 (similar to the first one):
 Lace, 6x6 chipboard, Sienna Brown pearl beads, Paula Deen paper pack:
 Vellum quotes, Paper mist-able butterflies, iridescent buttons, Paper doilies, Acrylic butterflies, Yellow lace ribbon/trim:
 Pigment ink, Flatback pearls, Rik-rak trim, Clear Stamps, Coordinating Paper pack tags:
 Bundle #3 (this one is a little different):
3 Types of ivory lace (shown above), Pigment ink, Buttons, Acrylic butterflies, Paper Mist-able butterflies, Clear stamps, Chipboard flowers, Red  lace ribbon/trim:
 Up close of buttons:
 Rhinestone bling, Rik-rak trim, Scarlet pearl beads, Doilies, Vellum quotes, Studio G paper pack:
 This Lace is included in all three packs:

So these are the giveaway packs that will go out to the winners.  I am so grateful for all of my subscribers and I think we will have another "Fabulous Follower" giveaway when we reach 50 (hint, hint).  Ladies thank you all so much for participating!!  I am so grateful to you and I look forward to seeing what you create with these items.

Have a great tomorrow everybody and I will share with you then.

Love Ya!!



Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Kelli such a huge amount of crafty goodies!! In India we always struggle to get paper crafting stuff as its not a very common hobby! I am so thrilled you are generous enough to ship to India...what a kind person you are.
Shall mail you asap
Cheers from Bangalore, India

Krafthead said...

You are well on your way! You have so much talent to share with your followers...AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WOOOOHOOOO look at the goodies!! You are very kind to do this for us :) WOOOHOOO!! Kenya ;)

Cathy said...

awesome, what a great surprise, you are so generous!!! Thank you form the bottom of my heart...truly!

Netta said...

Awesome blog candy, congrats to all your lucky generous

Lolis said...

Fabulous give away! Congratulations to all the lucky winners! I'll be sure not to miss the next celebration! Your new follower!