Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swap, Swap, Whoop!

Hi Everyone!

It is such a sweet Saturday here in PA and I thought I would share with you some more of the on-goings here at Favorite Favors.  If you are friends of ours on Facebook or have visited our FB Fan page you will know that I have been sharing with you a great new site called Whoop-d-Whoop.  This site is a place where you can swap/trade your creations with other artisians.  No buying anything whatsoever. That's right no, money.

"Well, what do you swap for then?" You swap Whoops!  Whoops are like points. Every item is given a Whoop rating, from 1-5, by the artist who created it.  When you request an item you are saying that you agree to surrender the whoops given to that item.  When the artist accepts, your whoops are deducted from your account and the artist sends you your item.  That's all there is to it.

**Note: You can accumulate whoops by posting items for swap and accepting swaps from others.

So I decided to take the plunge and try it out.  I did and I love it!!!  I saw this beautiful pendant and knew I wanted it.  I surrendered 3 Whoops for this pendant and I am glad I did.  Isn't it lovely?!


The pendant measures 1 1/2" across, 2 7/8 in height (including bale), and 5/8 of an inch wide.  I just love the blue stone and the intricate wire wrapping!

There are so many other great items on this site and I encourage you all to take a gander, sign up and join in the fun.

Happy Swapping!!  :D

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